Gold Movie Awards 2018

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So I thought Id do a quick blog post seeing as I have a day off which is a rare things these days. So there is many things going on, on top of the projects you all now about that are due for release or are coming out in the next matter of months and the projects Im working on some of which I have mentioned. Im delighted to announce that I will be the official host of the Gold Movie Awards film festival which will have its first annual event in London this coming January 11th 2018. More info to come but if you’d like to find out more or would like to submit your film for revue you can jump over to the God Movie Awards Website HERE.


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Check out the first promotional video of the incredible awards we will be giving away. All Hand moulded and indevidually created by authentic Italian crafts men in the hills of Italy

The wax seal of Gold Movie Awards from Old Film Farm LTD on Vimeo.




If you or your company would like to get involved and are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor of the event please contact our PR team at Cream Collective on

You can download the Gold Movie Awards EPK and find out all the incredible sponsorship and merchandising options HERE

New Site New Update

First of all, hi and thanks for checking out my brand new website. The Team and I have been working hard for the last few months on my social media, rebuilding my site, doing interviews and photo shoots for various brands and publications and we are all very excited to finally release the new package to you all.
Jason Matthewson is prepared for any opportunity his career might throw at him. After acting in huge upcoming blockbusters on their way to theatrical release, a cover shoot with ACT Magazine and a hosting gig with the Gold Movie Awards, it is full speed ahead for Jason.

Jason Matthewson has been keeping busy with multiple projects. Recently, Jason finished filming his role in “Transformers: The Last Night”.  He is excited to be working on films he’s passionate about and knows audiences will enjoy them to the fullest. Recently, Jason was featured on the cover ACT Magazine, a publication devoted to keeping up with the latest and upcoming stars in entertainment. Jason discussed his upcoming roles and how he recently worked with Gerard Bulter and Gary Oldman in the film, “Hunter Killer” and Brad Pitt in the movie “Allied”. You can check out what he had to say by visiting

Jason was also featured in the London based magazine “The Bite” where he spoke about all things film and TV and how along with his past, current and upcoming film and TV projects that he has also turned his hand to producing. Jason is currently producing a TV series “Sticks & Stones” with his team and are very excited to bring it to you all soon. You can check out what he had to say by clicking HERE.

Jason is shooting a lead role in an upcoming film called “Karmaa” which will take him to India and the coasts of Melbourne Australia. This film is expected to bring audiences awareness of the importance of forgiveness, compassion and humanity. And to top it off, in January 11th of next year he will be hosting the Gold Movie Award Show, a film festival in London. Planning and organisation is currently underway for what will be an amazing event. More information about this upcoming award show is available at the following link:

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